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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Brick Township, NJ

Keeping Up with the
Latest Dental Advancements

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, thanks in no small part to the new technology that dental offices have adopted in recent years. By introducing the latest proven instruments and equipment to our dental office, Dr. Gizachew aims to provide the most efficient, comfortable care that modern dentistry has to offer. Read below to learn more about how we use technology to enhance our treatments; if you’re encouraged by what you see, then call us to schedule your next appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Hand pointing to digital x-rays on computer screen

Virtually all dental offices favor digital X-rays over traditional radiography. The images can be developed much faster and in greater clarity so that we can show you exactly what’s going on inside your mouth and beneath your gums all the sooner. Furthermore, digital X-rays involve far less radiation, and they don’t need to be developed in a dark room filled with harmful chemicals. Our dental office uses Schick 33 X-rays that produce images in high detail that other digital sensors can’t compare to.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing picture with intraoral camera

Communication between dentist and patient is absolutely key. We want you to feel like you know exactly what we’re talking about when we recommend specific treatments. Our Mouthwatch intraoral cameras capture high quality images that aid in helping us make diagnoses. We can then display these images on a monitor so that we can directly point out the problem areas and more clearly explain exactly what needs to be done to reverse the dental damage.

Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging

Cone beam C T 3 D x-ray imaging system

Regular X-rays don’t always give us the information we need, which is where our KaVo OP 3D cone beam scanner comes in. In just 9 seconds, it can create a high-quality panoramic image of your entire mouth that captures all of your teeth as well as other important dental structures such as the nerve paths underneath your gums. This technology is especially useful for placing dental implants and performing other procedures with a small margin of error.

Digital Impression System

Digital impressions on chairside computer

If you’ve had a traditional dental impression taken before, chances are it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. The putty used to take the impression can be incredibly uncomfortable to hold in your mouth, and there’s a good chance that there will be a problem with the results that ultimately force you to repeat the process. Digital impressions, by contrast, are far easier to take, produce highly accurate and reliable images, and simplify the process of creating high-quality restorations.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection system and hand tool

Thanks to the CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test, we can determine just how high your risk for cavities really is. The test can be completed in as little as one minute. Bioluminescence is used to highlight areas where bacteria has built up. The more bacteria that are present in your mouth, the more likely decay is to occur. With CariScreen, we can reliably detect cavities in their earliest stage so that we can take the appropriate steps as soon as possible.

Velscope Oral Cancer Detection

Velscope oral cancer screening tool

Finding early signs of oral cancer could mean the difference between a good 5-year prognosis and a bad one. Some oral abnormalities aren’t readily apparent or even readily visible to the naked eye. To make sure that we don’t inadvertently overlook worrisome symptoms, we use the VELscope oral assessment system during our regular oral cancer screenings. By shining a special light on the tissue, we can identify potentially problematic areas of the mouth.

Diode Dental Laser

Hand holding a diode laser dentistry tool

When it comes to laser dentistry, our dental office employs the Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser – the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser available in the United States. It can remove unneeded or diseased gum tissue quickly and precisely while leaving the healthy tissue alone. Lasers help simplify dental treatments by minimizing bleeding and speeding up healing time; they also help sterilize the area to reduce the risk of an infection occurring during the recovery period.

Dentrix Detect AI

This AI is able to analyze an X-ray of your teeth using a variety of algorithms while also comparing it to health data from millions of other dental patients. It helps us identify signs of cavities, gum disease, and other potential issues much faster and more accurately than traditional methods, and it’s even been shown to limit false positives by about 15%. It allows our team to see more and do more when it comes to your dental care during your regular visits, giving us all the information we need to ensure we can keep your teeth healthy and protected for years to come.

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