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Emergency Dentist – Brick Township, NJ 

Broken Tooth? Constant Oral Pain?
Let Us Help

Maybe your tooth has become infected as a result of a cavity that wasn’t treated in time. Or perhaps you fell and broke off part of your tooth. A dental emergency can take many forms, but the response should always be the same: you need to get in touch with one of our doctors as soon as you can and schedule an emergency appointment. With our vast array of treatments, we can help you find relief from dental pain as soon as possible with emergency dentistry in Brick Township, NJ. If you or a loved one is experiencing new, painful, or worrisome dental symptoms, don’t hesitate to call us right away!

Why Choose Nu Dental Brick for Emergency Dental Care?

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Woman calling her Brick Township emergency dentist for toothache pain

Dental emergencies are typically sudden and alarming. If you find yourself in one of these scary situations, don’t panic and follow these steps:

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

When going through a dental emergency, it’s essential that you know what to do in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. That’s why you should give our office a call right away even if you’re unsure of whether you need urgent dental care or not. We’ll help you determine how serious your situation is, how quickly you need to be treated, and what you need to do to protect your smile until you can reach our office. Below, you’ll find the most common dental emergencies we treat here at Nu Dental Brick.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies 

Pained man with toothache in Brick Township

As you might expect, the cost of emergency dentistry in Brick Township tends to be different from that of a regular checkup. The price largely depends on the nature of the emergency and the type of treatment required. Remember, it’s never a good idea to avoid seeking dental care when it’s urgently needed; most oral health issues will only grow worse over time, so ignoring the problem could result in a worse situation that requires more expensive treatment. Our team at Nu Dental Brick will help you explore your payment options and find a way to make your care affordable.

Every Dental Emergency Has a Different Price

Man smiles after his dental emergency in Brick Township

An emergency dental appointment is actually relatively inexpensive. During this visit, one of our doctors will examine your mouth, assess the extent of the damage, and determine what treatment you need. Because of the countless possibilities of dental emergencies, it’s pretty much impossible for us to give you a cost estimate until we physically see you in our office and understand the details of your situation.

Rest assured that before we move ahead with any procedures, one of our doctors will explain they're findings as well as his treatment recommendations. Then, our team members can go over the estimated costs so that you know exactly what to expect.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Finger pressing button on keyboard that says Dental Insurance

The good news is that most dental insurance providers offer some level of coverage for emergencies. For instance, many plans cover one necessary emergency exam per year. Several of the services most commonly associated with hurting teeth (root canal therapy, crowns, etc.) are usually eligible for partial coverage. In most cases, this can be anywhere from 50% to 80%, but every plan is different. At Nu Dental Brick, our team members can help you navigate the details of your plan and make the most of your available benefits.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

Patient and receptionist shake over the cost of dental emergencies in Brick Township

Even patients without insurance can still enjoy discounts on dental care at our practice. As an alternative to traditional insurance, we encourage you to sign up for our in-house membership plan. In addition to providing the free preventive care that insurance does, this plan also nets you discounts on all of our other services, including some that insurance may not cover. We can also help you break up your treatment costs through a low- to no-interest CareCredit payment plan.

Preventive Care Can Save You Money

Man adding to piggy bank to make emergency dental care in Brick Township more affordable

We tend to think of dental emergencies as inevitable, but the truth is that many of them can be avoided by being proactive about your oral health. Investing in routine dental checkups and cleanings gives one of our doctors the chance to detect early warning signs of potential emergencies and stop them in their tracks. In fact, it’s estimated that every dollar spent on preventive dental care saves you 50 dollars in restorative care!

Another way to minimize your treatment costs is by contacting your emergency dentist in Brick Township as soon as you notice that your tooth is hurting or damaged. We understand that you might be worried about costs, but know that these costs will only increase the longer you avoid treatment.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman smiles after toothache treatment in Brick Township

If you’ve recently experienced a dental emergency, the last thing you want to do is go through another one. While it’s virtually impossible to prevent dental emergencies in Brick Township with 100% certainty, these situations are often more easily avoidable than you might think. To dramatically decrease the risk of damage to your smile, just remember these five simple keys to preventing dental emergencies.

Attend Regular Dental Checkups & Cleanings

young woman chatting with her dental hygienist

There’s a good reason why the American Dental Association recommends two checkups and cleanings per year for most people. When it comes to health issues – and dental health issues in particular – early detection is crucial. When you visit Nu Dental Brick for a checkup, one of our doctors will have the chance to carefully look over your mouth for any signs of potential emergencies, like tooth decay or infections. From there, he can treat these problems before they cause pain down the road. Our team can also clean built-up plaque and tartar off of your teeth, greatly lowering your risk of cavities and other damage.

Maintain a Good At-Home Oral Hygiene Routine

woman in a white bathrobe brushing her teeth in front of a mirror

Of course, it’s equally important to care for your smile in between checkups. You should brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day for two minutes at a time. This minimizes plaque accumulation and – if you use a toothpaste with fluoride – strengthens your teeth against decay. If you don’t already floss at least once a day, now is a good time to start, as flossing is the only way to remove food debris and bacteria from between your teeth.

Eat a Balanced Diet

woman choosing to eat an apple instead of donuts

Believe it or not, the foods you eat also impact your likelihood of needing to visit an emergency dental office in Brick Township. For example, eating lots of sugary or starchy items gives harmful bacteria in your mouth ample fuel to cause gum disease, cavities, and other potential emergencies. Try to cut back on sweets and processed carbohydrates and substitute them for fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples, carrots, and celery are all great items since they serve as natural toothbrushes by scrubbing your teeth as you chew them. They also encourage saliva flow, which helps rinse away leftover food particles and plaque.

Protect Your Teeth with a Mouthguard

close-up of a man putting a red mouthguard into his mouth

Do you regularly play sports or grind your teeth at night? If so, your teeth will need protection from either sudden injuries or chronic wear and tear. one of our doctors can make you a custom mouthguard that not only fits more comfortably than cheaply made over-the-counter options, but shields your smile more effectively.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

person opening a green glass bottle with a bottle opener

To save time, you might feel tempted to open a package or bottle with your teeth. As a rule of thumb, though, teeth weren’t designed to do anything more than help you chew, talk, and smile. Using them as tools can all too easily lead to injury. It’s worth taking the time to grab the perfect tool for the job if it means keeping your smile safe.

Dental Emergency FAQ’s 

When a dental emergency occurs, your mind is likely racing with questions. If you’ve noticed that your tooth is hurting, you’ve just had a bad fall that left your tooth chipped, or something else simply doesn’t feel quite right and you want to be safe, rather than sorry, please give Nu Dental Brick a call. While our team is happy to get you scheduled as soon as possible, you can also look through our most frequently asked questions on emergency dentistry for additional guidance.

Should I Visit the Emergency Room for My Dental Emergency?

More often than not, hospital emergency rooms don’t have the expertise or resources to address dental emergencies effectively. In fact, many people assume that an ER can help them, only to be given antibiotics and told to go to a dentist instead. However, in life-threatening cases, a visit to the hospital is the best option before visiting our practice. This includes instances where you believe your jaw is fractured or dislocated, your face has a serious cut or laceration, or an oral abscess (infection) is making it difficult for you to breathe.

Is My Toothache Caused By an Infection?

If the tooth is sore or throbbing, it’s unlikely that it will stop on its own. While we’ll need to perform a detailed examination to confirm the cause of your discomfort, these symptoms (as well as a bitter taste) are a notable indicator that an infection is present. This is considered a dental emergency and needs attention from a dentist immediately. Other common symptoms include red or swollen gums, a loose tooth, and a draining sore on the gums near the tooth.

Is a Knocked-Out Baby Tooth an Emergency?

Baby teeth are meant to fall out on their own, which means just because a baby tooth came out does not necessarily mean your child is having a dental emergency. With that said, it is possible for baby teeth to come out too soon. When a baby tooth comes out too early, the neighboring teeth may crowd into the space and trap the permanent tooth underneath the gums. This can lead to problems with your child’s oral development. If your child’s tooth is knocked out and they experience significant discomfort or their mouth is bleeding profusely, call our office right away.

Do Chipped Teeth Heal?

Enamel might be the hardest substance in the human body, but it’s one of the few organic substances in the body that is not capable of healing itself. Once enamel is eroded or chipped, it does not grow back. This is why we recommend placing a dedicated restoration onto the tooth to prevent it from breaking down further. No matter how minor or severe the damage may be, don’t hesitate to give our office a call so we can get you the treatment you need.

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