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Emergency Dentistry – Brick Township, NJ

Broken Tooth? Constant Oral Pain?
Let Us Help

Maybe your tooth has become infected as a result of a cavity that wasn’t treated in time. Or perhaps you fell and broke off part of your tooth. A dental emergency can take many forms, but the response should always be the same: you need to get in touch with Dr. Gizachew as soon as you can and schedule an emergency appointment. With our vast array of treatments, we can help you find relief from dental pain as soon as possible with emergency dentistry in Brick Township, NJ. 

Why Choose Brick Dental Care for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek

Before you get to our dental office, it will be up to you to keep your teeth safe and control your pain during a dental emergency. We’ll be happy to advise you over the phone on how to deal with your specific symptoms, but if you know what to do in advance, it’ll be easier for you to stay calm so that you can make the right decisions. Keep reading to discover some tips for dealing with dental emergencies that many people tend to suffer from.

Patient with toothache holding jaw


Floss the tooth carefully and rinse with warm salt water in order to dislodge anything that’s stuck in your smile. If that doesn’t stop the pain, take acetaminophen or a similar type of pain reliever. Use a cold compress if you notice any swelling. Don’t ignore a toothache for too long; if it’s due to an infection, you’ll need root canal therapy as soon as possible to salvage the tooth.

Smile with chipped front tooth

Chipped/Broken Teeth 

Rinse with warm water and apply a piece of gauze to stop any bleeding that’s occurring. The tooth might need to be extracted if it becomes too badly damaged, so avoid biting or chewing with it at all costs. If a piece of the tooth has broken off altogether, bring it with you.

Smile with knocked out bottom tooth

Knocked-Out Tooth

A permanent tooth that has been knocked out can be replanted, but treatment will have to be immediate; you’ll need to call us right away. Pick the tooth up by the crown and gently rinse it under cold water; do not scrub it or remove the tissues still attached to the roots. Try to put the tooth back in its socket if you can, or place it in milk to preserve it.

Model smile with dental crown missing

Lost Filling / Crown

Take the restoration out of your mouth to avoid swallowing it. Dental cement can be used as a temporary filling or to hold a crown in place until you can receive proper treatment. Keep the area around the exposed tooth clean, and apply clove oil to the area to reduce sensitivity.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Man receiving preventive dental exam to avoid emergency dentistry

Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Man in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek

As you might expect, the cost of emergency care tends to be different from that of a regular checkup. The cost largely depends on the nature of the emergency and the kind of treatment required. Remember, it’s never a good idea to avoid seeking dental care when it’s urgently needed; most oral health issues will only grow worse over time, so ignoring the problem could result in a worse situation that requires more expensive care.

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